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CGC-Conley Global Consulting LLC, is a full service consulting company established in 1999 with a genuine commitment to professional, affordable & personalized service. Our partners and staff come from a wide range of backgrounds which provides our customers with versatility and stability. With over 15 years experience, we have earned a stellar reputation for our comprehensive attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

We hope you'll take the time to see for yourself what CGC-Conley Global Consulting LLC, can offer you!

With [time] experience in the Finance and banking industry, we have become know for great service in:World-Wide Hotel, Resort, Casino, Commercial Malls, Buildings, Refinaries, all other projects and Executive Financing Programs Sale of Bank instruments and Depentures Provide financial bank instruments Updated LIST n° of available Bank instruments offers of BG,MTNs,CD,Bond,s. Pension funds. Project funding Worldwide Lending-1-General info,Term,Condition,Procedure,for all viable projects finance funding 100% project financing 10% of loan with BG,CD, Lending Trust Joint Venture No Repayment Debt free Projects Loans Joint Venture Trust Energy Fund Equity Capital Fund Institutional Fund Nationwide Commercial Rehab Funding Venture Capital in Easy Way to Companies That Need Money Urgently Funding against collateral instrument and government guarantee Collateral first loan offers CD loan offers Asset trading – Trade finance Credit Enhangements-Asset Enhangement-Collateral Enhangement Nationwide Commercial Hard Money,Bridge Loan Funding Selfliquidation Debt free funding Project finance debt free no interest no principal payment Major Investment trading programs in world PPP-HYIP Major Investment Trade Bank Platform (PPP) in the World for Project funding Discounting of bank Financial Instruments Letter of Credit against acceptable bank instruments Buy & sell of bank financial Instruments Hard asset funding L/C -DLC- for export import Documentary Letter of Credit Standby Letter of Credit enhangement issued by major world bank Financial Guarantees and Performance Private Organization Enhangement (BG) Issued By Major World Bank Issuance of Bank debt instruments, for Credit & Collateral Enhangement SWIFT Messages Sight letter of credit Manage Bank - BG-SBLC collateral for project,loan guarantee Debt free loan New Funders Joint Venture For Project Share Holder Foreign Currency Exchange discounted contract. (we work with our contract only) Confidential, Private & Time Sensitive,request only by principal Lending ( 6 ) Capital Secured Investment & project financing Services International Project investor sponsorship opportunity Lease of bank Financial Instruments for Credit Enhangement Lease SBLC, BG Or Cash backed bonds all instruments are cashed backed. Lease BG. T.Bill Bank Instrument Securities. Understanding and using L/C -BG -SBLC-SLC- DLC Credit Enhangement Buy gold Au bullion, Gold dust,silver, platinum Rough Diamonds Purchase Procedures Proof of fund – rezerved blocked (POF) Funding 10% of loan Cash or Prime bank instruments and Government Guarantee Letter of Intent / Loan or Investment Application.Underwriter for project Finance Funding for MTNs. PPP. HYIP. buy & sell facilities obtains financial commitments for loans, funds, proof of funds, bank guarantees, Funding for Financial Instrument Buy/Sell Transactions Purchase,Discount,Funding,Procedure For Bank Instruments (MTN) (BG)Guarantee Joint Venture Capital investment program Lending-5-Dynamic Funding For All Viable Project Availability of project Financing through Private Placement Programs. Funding Project short term share holder International advisory consulting The redemption program for FRN's, FRB's TOV's WELLS FARGO BOX.we proceed Set –up trust off shore & USA authorized capital old registered companies International Consulting Manage go public in USA Managing Trade PPP Platform Provide Petroleum Products and derivatives